Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tissue paper flower garland DIY

Check out this lovely tissue paper flower garland from Ruffled. This makes such a beautiful wedding centerpiece, or even something for the Spring/Summer weather (in some parts of the world). You'll learn how to make paper roses, paper lilies, paper daisies and paper dahlias.

Anyway, what are you doing for Halloween? I've been trying to find a fun costume party to attend, I may dress up as a fairy... got the idea from Inside Out Elle. Which means I will be shopping at the craft stores this week! :] Be safe!


Zeba Collection said...

Wow, great center piece, off to check it out. Thank you for sharing.

Kızlık zarı said...

Been reading your some of your posts over the span of a couple of months. Sorry to hear things had to end that way. I think you should consider buying a domain name and web host and take your business/hobby to the next level..
Kızlık zarı