Friday, July 3, 2009

Follow Fridays on Twitter

What is #Follow Friday?
#Follow Fridays is a trend that started on Twitter where every Friday, you will do a shout out for recommended people you think that your followers should follow.

For example, if you think I am someone cool to follow and you would like to recommend me to your other followers on Twitter, you would type something like this:
#followfriday @origamibysisi

Here's a breakdown of what that meant. The # sign is a hash tag. It's to tag something, so it's easily found... like a label. The @ plus Twitter name is the person's twitter page.

Usually, you add atleast 5 people to recommend to your followers

When you do this, you
1. participate in the Twitter trend (you = social)
2. recommend your friend to your followers (again, you = social)
3. your friend might gain some followers because of you (your friend = happy)
4. your friend thanks you and may do the same for you (you = more followers = social!)

I'll be posting my recommendations on Twitter on Fridays, hope to see you there! You can follow me @origamibysisi

Here's my #follow friday list for today!