Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gimp: Adding Text

Today is our fifth week into the Gimp series, which will be on Adding Text to your Photos. You can add text to include your shop name, your shop link, or whatever you want on the photo. There are many places on the internet that provide fun free fonts, such as Font Space, Da Font, and Simply the Best Free Fonts.

Let's begin... you can click on any of pictures to enlarge them.

1. Open Gimp and open the file that you would like to add some text to.

2. Click on the big letter A on your Toolbox.

3. Click and hold the left mouse button down and drag a square (on the photo). This is where your text would be. This box can be moved and reshaped. Gimp will automatically create a new layer, which means you can move the box along with the text without messing up your original photo. The Gimp Text Editor Box should pop up too.
4. Now that you have your little text box, type whatever you want on there. To change the font size or font, go to your Toolbox and change the size or font to your liking. When you want it to say something different, type it into the Gimp Text Editor box.

I would absolutely LOVE your comments and feedback here, is there something that you'd like to learn on Gimp? Next week, I'll show you how to re-size an image on Gimp.


Carol B said...

Hi - I've gotten this far before, but how the heck do you move the box around after you've created it? It must be something fairly obvious, and I think I did it about a year ago, but I don't know what to click so I can drag around the text box. (I just keep creating text boxes until I have one where I want it - it's very aggravating! ) Thanks!

SiSi said...

Hey Carol, thanks for your question. To move the current box that you've created, you can click inside the box and drag it to wherever you want :) You should see this arrow that points in all directions (N,S,E,W) when you have the mouse inside the box. Try that, and let me know if it works^^

Carol B said...

SiSi - Thanks! I should be able to remember that. It's something I only do about once or twice a year. I'm following your blog for more info. Thanks again.

SiSi said...

Great Carol:) If anything, feel free to contact me directly.