Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer is over!

I saw this cool end of summer project at Ideas for Scrapbookers. This site is filled with fun and free templates and tutorials for scrapbook lovers. Here's one of their latest ones - the flip flop accordion album. It's a great way to put all your vacation pictures together. I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming fall weather :]


Entwined Vines Jewelry said...

This is so much fun I may have to show my teenagers so they have a fun way to show off their pictures when they return to school at the end of the month. Thank you for sharing this and I agree I am ready for fall

siwing said...

cool idea !!

i dont want summer to be over !!

btw our ac is finally fixed ! haha

Ann said...

that's so cute. I'll have to go check out that website, sounds like a place I could lose a couple hours.

Sihui said...

That site is filled with so much information, and not just for scrapbooking either! Let me know how your projects turn out ladies!