Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twitter: Finding People to Follow

Now that you understand the Whats and Whys of Twitter, you may need to find some people to follow and others to follow you! There are many tools out there, but I'm not going to mention too many. I don't want to overwhelm you, so I will list just a few for you to try out. Start out using one at a time, and if you feel more comfortable, use a second, then a third one.

1. Twitter has an option that will look through your contact list on your Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL mail and see if anyone of your contacts is on Twitter. When you are logged in, click on "Find People" on the top right hand side, and click on "Find on other networks". It does require you to log in with your email account and password.

2. WeFollow - A Twitter Directory: Add 3 keywords that describe yourself or what you are tweeting about. Others are able to search through the different keywords and find people of the same interest to follow. My 3 keywords were origami, handmade, and artfire.

3. TweetFind - Another Twitter Directory: You search through the categories and find people of the same interest. You can also add yourself to this directory where others can find you as well.

4. Twubble - Twubble searches your current followers and makes suggestions to you. Use this tool when you have several followers. Need to sign in with your Twitter information.

5. Twellowhood - Follow people to follow locally. You click on an interactive map for the location. You must have an account with Twellowhood.

Find a few people to follow - those who interest you - otherwise you will get spammed with unrelated and uninteresting people...


blueberryjunkie said...

Thanks for the info, very useful, especially if you are new to Twitter, like me.

SiSi said...

That's great, BlueberryJunkie, I hope you will find a few people to follow this way ^_^