Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twitter: What and Why?

What is Twitter? I'll try to break it down to you in the simplest way I know.

Twitter is one of the most popular socializing networks out there. It's a very quick way to update your "followers" on what you are doing, what you're reading, what you're selling. It's also really simple to use. Once you are logged on, you will see a box and above it, it says "What are you doing?". The box will only give you 140 characters to share stuff. It seems really small, but mostly people use it to share quick links to what they are talking about.

Why do people use Twitter? You need to understand why people are using Twitter before you turn it down and think that it is just another popular trend like MySpace and Facebook. In a sense, it is almost the same as the other two, but very different also.

- Some people like to use it to keep in touch with their families.
- Some people use it to find the latest scoops on news, first hand.
- Some people use it to promote their small businesses.
- Some people people use it to keep up with celebrities.
- Some people use it to meet people who share the same interests online.

I personally use Twitter tell my followers:
- About my work.
- About other artisans' handmade work.
- About my blog.
- About what I read online.

If you don't already have a Twitter, go to and open up a free account today. Next week, I'll teach you ways to find people to follow or have others follow you. Follow your friends who already have a Twitter account :) Follow me, I'm @origamibysisi

On Friday, August 21, 2009, do a #follow friday for all your favorite people.

If you are already using Twitter, what's your experience with it so far? Has it helped you any with your small business? Have you made new friends?


Tracy said...

I love Twitter! I think I'm addicted to this too... LOL! But it a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and meet others with similar interests. I use it to promote my craft business too, but I'm not sure what great effect that has had--I still have few sales. Mostly it's a lot of fun! Happy Day, SiSi :o)

Julia Hutchins said...

I also love Twitter! I'm using it to promote and share ideas for two of my small businesses. It has really helped me network with like minded people and I've met some great new friends!

Follow me and I'll follow you back!


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djStoreRoom said...

I am addicted to Twitter.. Opps...


SiSi said...

I'm not brave enough to admit that I'm a Twitter addict :P haha

blueberryjunkie said...

Thanks for this post. I am new to twitter, and this has been a big help.