Saturday, October 2, 2010

Origami Business Card Holder - tutorial

Here's a fun way to store those business cards. You will need an 8x8in square sheet of paper and a couple of business cards. In this tutorial, I used a larger sheet for demonstration. Have fun!

1. Begin with the white side of the paper facing you. Fold the paper until you get 16 squares. Fold the sides toward the middle, and then fold the sides toward the crease you just made. Repeat on all four sides of the square.

2. Fold the four corners in towards the crease.

3. Fold the left and right sides to the middle crease, and flip the diagram to the back.

4. Fold top and bottom sides to the middle crease.

5. You can now store your business cards on the inside of the diamond, and you can also fold it in the middle and use the other side to store more business cards!


Ann said...

Cool tutorial. What a cute and inexpensive way to make a business card holder.

Content in a Cottage said...

I love it. Thank you.

Business Card Holder said...

Nice tutorial and i like the way its describe, i do hope anyone can follow this article and can make easily a nice business card holder without investing much..

Anna M. said...

This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing. I think it would work well for other things too, like gift cards maybe, way prettier than a plain old envelope.

Business Cards said...

Thanks for sharing this fun way to create business card holders. Making your own card holders can open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can personalize each holder because you can choose any paper design you can find. You can also use a different pattern for different types of business cards you are passing out.

Anonymous said...

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